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Online & App


Customers can buy all our tickets through our TravelMaster App or this website and load them to a smartcard through a compatible phone or collect on-board after 48 hours.

Available Tickets

BConnect(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), CityBus(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), CityWide(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), DonConnect(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), GetAbout(1,7 & 28 Day), GetAbout+(1,7 & 28 Day), RConnect(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), SYConnect(1,7,28 Day, Flexi5 & Annual), SYConnect+(1,7,28 Day & Annual) & 18-22 Discounted 1,7 & 28 Day. 



All our 7 & 28 Day tickets are available to buy from over 900 Payzone outlets located throughout South Yorkshire.

Payzone is a local and convenient way to buy your travel tickets with cash, bank card and also with smart devices like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Available Tickets

BConnect( 7 & 28 Day), CityBus( 7 & 28 Day), CityWide( 7 & 28 Day), DonConnect( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout+( 7 & 28 Day), RConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect( 7 & 28 Day) & SYConnect+( 7 & 28 Day)

Smartcards are not available to buy from Payzone outlets.

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All our 1-Day tickets can be purchased before they’re needed through the First mTickets app & Stagecoach Bus App.

There are a range of payment options through each app and customers will simply activate their m-ticket and show it to the driver.

Available Tickets

First mTickets app

BConnect(1 Day), CityBus(1 Day), CityWide(1 Day), DonConnect(1 Day), GetAbout(1 Day), GetAbout+(1 Day), RConnect(1 Day), SYConnect(1 Day) & SYConnect+(1 Day)

Stagecoach Bus App

BConnect(1 Day & Flexi5), CityBus(1 Day & Flexi5), CityWide(1 Day & Flexi5), DonConnect(1 Day & Flexi5), GetAbout(1 Day), GetAbout+(1 Day), RConnect(1 Day & Flexi5), SYConnect(1 Day & Flexi5) & SYConnect+(1 Day)


Ticket Machines

All our 7 & 28 Day tickets are available to buy from Ticket Machines located at Travel South Yorkshire Interchanges throughout South Yorkshire.

You can buy a ticket up to 33 days before you need it to travel and can add multiple products your card at any one time – most interchanges offer cash and card payment too.

Be sure to keep and re-use your smartcard (They’ve been tested for up to 5 years of use) as a new one will cost £1.00.

Available Tickets

BConnect( 7 & 28 Day), CityBus( 7 & 28 Day), CityWide(7 & 28 Day), DonConnect( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout( 7  & 28 Day), GetAbout+( 7 & 28 Day), RConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect+( 7 & 28 Day) & 18-22 Discounted 7 & 28 Day.

Ticket Machine
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On Board Buses & Trams

All our 1 Day & 7 Day (excluding the 7 Day SYConnect+) can be bought on board most buses and trams within the region.

All our 7 Day tickets are issued to a smartcard and you can use any branded TravelMaster card, or stagecoach smartcard, to buy your ticket on board. If you already have a smartcard day tickets will be loaded to this too.

If you don’t have a smartcard you will be issued with a paper ticket when you buy a Day product and will be issued with a smartcard, at a cost of £1.00, when you buy a 7 day ticket. So keep your smartcard safe and re-use it.

Tickets can be bought on:

First Buses

Stagecoach Buses

Sheffield Community Transport Buses

TM Travel Buses


Hulleys Buses

Arriva Buses (Day tickets only)

All Supertram Services

Available Tickets

BConnect(1 & 7 Day), CityBus(1 & 7 Day), CityWide(1 & 7 Day), DonConnect (1 Day), GetAbout(1 & 7 Day), GetAbout+(1 & 7 Day), RConnect(1 & 7 Day), SYConnect(1 & 7 Day) & SYConnect+(1 Day)

On Board

Staffed Railway Stations

Our rail valid products can be purchased from any staffed railway station. For the 7 & 28 Day products you will need a passport sized photo, or a Railway photo card, prior to purchase.

If you travel from a station that is not staffed the day products can be purchased on board from a conductor

Available Products

GetAbout+ (1 Day) & SYConnect+(1 Day, 7 Day & 28 Day)

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Train Stations
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