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About Us

We are TravelMaster and our mission is to provide South Yorkshire with great value and simplified ways to pay for public transport.

We are a commercial organisation owned and operated by the region's transport companies.

They work together through TravelMaster to deliver some of the UK's lowest priced, and most advanced, integrated travel tickets.


We are independent of any single operator and are not part of any public sector body.

The Team

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TravelMaster is led by our General Manager John Henshall. 

As General Manager, John leads TravelMaster and is a member of, and accountable to, the company’s Board of Directors (made up of the region’s public transport operators) for the effective management, development and delivery of the Company, and the Company’s ticketing products, as a whole.

John is supported by Gareth, James, and Caitlin who make up Team TravelMaster. The team is dedicated to making public transport in the South Yorkshire region more accessible for all and ensuring the TravelMaster suite of products are delivered to the high standards the team sets itself.


Image by Drew Beamer

SCR Ticketing Company Limited is our formal name and our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the company’s vision, mission and values, setting its strategy and structure and delegating to management.

It is the Board of Directors who determine the Products we offer and they collectively set the pricing for them. The board is made up of 6 non-executive directors and 1 statutory director with the majority of these nominated by the company’s shareholders.


These are:

Managing Director - Stagecoach Yorkshire

Managing Director - Stagecoach Supertram

Managing Director - Hulleys of Baslow

Commercial Director - First South Yorkshire

Managing Director - TM Travel

Strategic Product & Pricing Manager - Northern

Director & General Manager - TravelMaster

Who we are

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