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Privacy Policy

When you use our Products and Systems (Website, App, Online Store, Social Media pages) you trust us to store any personal data we need to deliver them with care and integrity. We take this responsibility very seriously and Your Personal Data will only be used by Us to provide you with those Products and our Systems. 

We do not sell your Personal Data to any 3rd party and will only share it with a 3rd party where it is absolutely required for us to fulfil a legitimate interest (such as helping you resolve an issue using our Products). 

So who are we?

It's important to know who controls your data. SCR Ticketing Company Limited is a Limited Company registered in England & Wales - We are a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office. 

When you use our Products and Systems, we have a range of Data Processors to whom We have contracted to process your data on our behalf.

  • We use cookies on and these are processed, on our behalf, by Wix.  Wix is also used to send marketing emails where you have agreed to these when signing up for TravelMaster services. 

•    On our Facebook and Instragram pages we use Facebook Pixels to understand how people interact with our marketing posts, stories and reels when redirected to our website.
•    Our online store at, our smartcard back office and Download App are provided by Ecebs Limited (a subsidiary of Unicard whose privacy notice can be found here
•    Our TravelMaster App is provided by Urban Things (
•    Our smartcard production bureau Euclid Limited to encode and send the smartcard to your home.
•    We use a customer contact system to manage contact with customers and this is provided by Freshworks Inc. 
•    Microsoft Office 365 services are used for administration and scheme management.  If you enter a competition, including responses to customer surveys, these services will be used to determine the winner of the competition and to contact the winner to inform them of their success.


Each of our Data Processors have in place contractual obligations to store your Data securely and we remain liable as the Data Controller for ensuring this is the case.  Data is retained for a maximum of 10 years where there is a business reason such as keeping a record of purchases.  However, this is determined on a case by case basis with each supplier to ensure there is legitimate need.  For example in the case of our smartcard bureau once your card has been produced data is only retained for four months.

Why do we use your Personal Data?

We use your Personal Data to provide you with access to our Products and to provide you with support in using them through our supporting Systems. 

In most cases, the purpose for storing and using your Personal Data is to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you in providing a product you have paid for. 

We may also use your Personal Data when you contact us to investigate technical issues, or provide you with similar support in the fulfilment and use of Products. 

At no point do we sell or transfer your Personal Data to a 3rd party and where we do use your Data we will seek your consent beforehand. You are free to withdraw this consent but you may not be able to access Products and Systems if you do so. 

Where you have provided consent on our website we keep your data for email marketing purposes using Wix to send you emails about our products and offers.  We track adverts, posts, stories and reels on Facebook and Instagram to measure success of the campaign when someone follows a link to our website.

How we use your Personal Data?

When you purchase and use a Product:

How we process your data when you purchase a Product depends on how You buy and pay for it. When you purchase a Product through or the TravelMaster App we will take details such as your Name, contact number, address and e-mail address we will also process your payment details when you pay by card.  Consent will always be opt in for any marketing data collection.

We take your personal details to allow us to contact you if there are issues with your purchase and to allow you to manage your account, amend your own details and view your history with us. 

Your payment information is securely taken (by BT BuyNet) if purchased on or Stripe if purchased via the TravelMaster App, encrypted and processed. Access to this data is secured through robust access controls and the date held in that system is not exported. 

When you use as smart Product we will record journeys by date, time and service. Where you have an account with us those journeys will be linked to that account. This data is provided for Your convenience and anonymised for our commercial reports and analysis. This data is not provided to a 3rd party. 

When you respond to surveys:

Wherever possible surveys will remain anonymous.  However, where there is a prize draw, your data will be kept confidential and only used to select a prize winner unless stated otherwise in the survey or competition/giveaway terms and conditions. 

When you consent to marketing on our websites:

We will email you information relating to TravelMaster products and affiliate offers.

When you click on one of our online adverts, social media posts, stories or reels:

By clicking on a Facebook or Instagram advert, post, story or reel you consent to use of Facebook Pixels which are used for monitoring engagement

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