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What Changes at Supertram Mean for TravelMaster Customers

Following the news of Supertram changing the way it is operated, from its current contract with Stagecoach to being operated by South Yorkshire Future Trams Limited a new organisation operated under the control of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority,

TravelMaster is issuing some clarification on the impact this has on its tickets.  TravelMaster is the multi-operator ticketing organisation for South Yorkshire, it is a partnership of the local operators and does not run any buses, trams or trains.


There is no real change to TravelMaster tickets.  CityWide, RConnect, SYConnect, SYConnect+, GetAbout and GetAbout+ tickets can continue to be used and bought on trams in South Yorkshire.


John Henshall,  General Manager released the statement saying “TravelMaster is issuing this news release to help put people at ease as there has been a lot of rumour and misinformation being spread on social media and other channels so we wanted to make sure our customers knew our products would continue to be accepted.”


There is one small change which affects people who buy tickets on the TravelMaster website and collect on board trams.  This functionality will not be available on trams but will continue to be available on First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Yorkshire buses. Only a very small number of people continue to use the collect on board functionality to load their tickets to smartcards.  We will however continue to look into this to see if it may be available in future.


The new TravelMaster App released in June 2023 is becoming the most popular way for customers to buy tickets in advance and load them to their smartcards with over 10,000 users and numbers continuing to grow.  The App requires compatible smartphones and uses the same technology as Apple Pay and Google Pay to load tickets to smartcards.  Weekly tickets purchased in advance continue to be cheaper than when bought on board.


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