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Changes to 7-Day On-board Bus Payments

From 30 July 2023, some TravelMaster 7-Day tickets are cash-only on-board buses in South Yorkshire.

Due to fraud concerns, contactless payments (including card and Google/Apple pay) will no longer be accepted for some 7-Day tickets bought on-board buses. This change is not one to be taken lightly and is a necessary step to protect against fraud. We've worked closely with bus operators and South Yorkshire Police to combat this fraud, however, further steps must be taken to protect ourselves and our partner operators. This change has been implemented on all bus operators in South Yorkshire.

7-Day tickets continue to be available for contactless payments when buying from the below locations.

On-board Price Tickets:

· Stagecoach Trams in South Yorkshire

Reduced Price Tickets:

· Online at

· TravelMaster App

· Payzone Outlets

· Ticket Machines in Interchanges

The tickets which will be affected are: BConnect (7-Day), CityBus (7-Day), CityWide (7-Day), DonConnect (7-Day), RConnect (7-Day), SYConnect (7-Day).


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