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8 Sheffield Destinatons We Can't Wait to Visit When We Can Again

After what's looking like a year of lockdown we're missing those places we love. When things are open again then TravelMaster is the perfect way to re-explore, and discover even more, of your favourite places across all of South Yorkshire by bus, tram or train.

Let's kick things off with Sheffield - with just 8 of the many more attractions that can be reached by bus or tram with a ticket that takes you CityWide. (That's all buses, all trams across al of Sheffield)

With hundreds of shops, from Argos to Ted Baker, you can find everything you need, and more, under one roof at one of the UK's largest shopping centres.

With an on-site bus, tram and train interchange it's easy to get there from all over the city and beyond. With a CityWide ticket you can be a master of your travel to and from the centre on all buses and all trams as many times as you like - so make up for a year of missed shopping by travelling CityWide to Meadowhall.

By now those of us with Gardens have probably redesigned and re-planted them too many times to remember; but there's only so many plants our beautiful British weather can let you cultivate.

Instead have a taste of the more exotic with one of the UK's largest temperate glass houses. Located right in the middle of the city centre, and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 it's a tranquil place to take a break with a coffee in the midst of a work day or shopping spree.

Flanked by bus routes and within easy reach of the tram network it's easy to reach from CityWide with TravelMaster.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone without at least one fond memory from this iconic Sheffield Institution. Home to live music, club nights, comedy nights and a staple for any student we know it's been a hard year for them (and for all our great local pubs, bars and clubs) but we know we'll be amongst the many loyal regulars flocking back.

Nestled in a street beside the station it's easily accessible by bus, tram and train and with TravelMaster you can take your pick of whatever turns up first.

We can't wait to go out and about just for the sake of it and there's nothing quite like a tea, cake and a long nosey as we try to recreate our wildest Antiques Roadshow dreams (or the only fools and horses watch).

Straddling two major roads (Abbeydale Road & Queens Road) the antiques quarter is easily accessed from most places, CityWide across Sheffield, by bus.

The last year will go down in history for all the wrong reasons; but Sheffield has a far longer, and more positive, history as the steel city. Take a trip to Kelham Island to find out all about that rich history it alongside visiting one of the best regarding real ale quarters in Europe - or some of the hugely popular eateries.

With bus routes directly to the area, and within easy reach of the tram, it's easy to get there from locations CityWide.

Relocating to Sheffield in 2018 the National Videogame Museum is home to a rich collection exploring the past decades of gaming - from the SNES to the PlayStation. With educational and interactive exhibits its a great trip for all the family; kids and gamer grown-ups alike.

The museum seconds from city centre bus stops and Castle Square tram stop so easy to reach from locations CityWide by bus or tram; as a dedicated day out or as part of a trip to town.

Sheffield's largest museum is home to a huge array of exhibits; from archaeological through to a history of Sheffield itself. Housed in a beautiful listed building it's a rewarding trip for the whole family or students in the nearby campuses.

With bus routes on the roads nearby and the tram line a small walk away it's easily reached form locations CityWide by bus and tram.

The last year has been hard on the high street and harder still on the independent high street. We're lucky in Sheffield to have an entire quarter home to independent stores, cafes and bars that will hopefully be heaving (when places are allowed to be heaving again)

With West Street home to many bus stops and an entire tram line the area is easily reached by all modes and with a TravelMaster you can get there from anywhere CityWide on the first service that turns up.


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