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More Ways to Travel with Flexi5 & The Stagecoach Bus App

In exciting news, TravelMaster has partnered up with Stagecoach to see our full range of Flexi5 tickets on the Stagecoach Bus App from 1st August 2022.

TravelMaster Flexi5 tickets provide you with 5 flexible days of travel for the price of four 1-Day tickets. Ideal for when you're flexible working, shopping or exploring. Flexi5 can be redeemed anytime within a 1-month period which is perfect for when you don't need 7-days of consecutive travel.

When buying through the Stagecoach Bus App tickets are available to use instantly on your phone with additional helpful features such as bus tracking and journey planning for Stagecoach services.

*Flexi5 is priced the same as four 1-Day TravelMaster tickets.



CityBus Flexi5


CityWide Flexi5


BConnect Flexi5


DonConnect Flexi5


RConnect Flexi5


SYConnect Flexi5



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