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5th November Lockdown Update

Following the government's announcement that it plans to introduce another national lockdown in England from the 5th November we've put together some information on how this impacts our customers.

Product Refunds


During this 2nd Lockdown our standard Terms & Conditions will apply and the refunds that we usually offer under those terms will remain available for customers.

1-Day & 7-Day Tickets:

There will be no refunds or replacements for any 1-Day or 7-Day tickets.

28-Day Tickets:

Partial refunds will be available for 28-day tickets and any amount to be refunded will be calculated from the date on which the Ticket is cancelled by us.

  • Partial refunds are not pro-rated and are instead calculated by deducting the value of shorter validity tickets that would cover the days validity already expired. For

  • We are limiting the number of refunds we are processing per each 28-day period and, where there is a high volume, refund claims may be queued until a time where we are able to provide them.

We will be offering customers a credit code as an alternative to a monetary refund. Unlike a refund the value of this would be pro-rated and available immediately - this code would reduce the cost of the next ticket purchased through

Product Extensions


We will not be providing extensions to any products for any days travel lost as a result of the 2nd lockdown.

In certain circumstances - such as cases where a customer is instructed to self-isolate - we may offer a credit code to reduce the cost of their next ticket.

These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis by e-mail through and will require some evidence of the instruction to self-isolate.


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