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Improving our Products

We are proud of our reputation for innovation and whilst COVID-19 has slowed some of our plans we still have lots of enhancements planned for our customers in 2021

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Our Plans for 2021

Here's a quick look at some of our exciting plans for our products and how we plan to help support the region's recovery next year

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Smartphone & Smart Card Combined

We have appointed Visa (the same one on bank cards) to deliver a smarter way for passengers to use their phones to travel


Using a system called 'host-card emulation' passengers will buy tickets on Android phones that they use by scanning their phone on board. We aim to have this delivered by February 2021.

Flexible Tickets for Flexible Working

We know our customers are working more flexibly and many will no longer work a 9-5 in an office from Mon-Fri.

Due to current funding rules we can't introduce flexible tickets but as soon as we can we aim to introduce a Flexi5 ticket.

This will be one ticket providing 5 individual days of flexible travel within a calendar month.

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Salary Sacrifice Annual Ticket Scheme

We have been working with a season ticket loan provider to develop a salary-sacrifice scheme for employers


This means organisations will be able to offer annual travel on buses, trams and trains in the region as an employee benefit; hopefully from early in the new year.

Auto-Renew for 28-Day Tickets

We will be introducing the ability for customers to 'Auto-Renew' 28-Day tickets when they expire through our online system.

This system will make it easier for customers to renew tickets and may lay the foundation for a subscription payment model in the future 

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Developing Partnerships

As a voluntary partnership between transport operators it is no surprise that collaboration is central to our culture. So, as the region recovers and restarts, we aim to work proactively with partners and business to integrate simple transit ticketing

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Developing Active Travel Partnerships

More people are travelling by bike or by walking and we want to make sure that when they're not, that they're using public transport instead of a car.


We want to develop partnerships that integrate public transport with active travel. From mobility credits through to the sale of tickets alongside bike or eScooter hire.

Business & Commerce Partnerships

Retail and hospitality has taken a huge hit in 2020 and we want to partner, through BIDs and chambers of commerce, with them to help encourage people to return to city centres and city centre businesses.

From cross promotional activities through to promotional offers we will be proactive in developing beneficial partnerships that integrate public transport.

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Educational & Training Partnerships

We already work with schools, colleges and universities to help students travel for study and leisure.

With a model developed in partnership with The Sheffield College it is now easier than ever for educational institutes to partner with us to offer funded student travel or to retail travel to students.

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