Our prices may be changing - but we aren't

Affordable muli-operator travel with TravelMaster is here to stay across any bus, tram or train in South Yorkshire.

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We're still amongst the lowest priced in the country...

Nobody likes price increases. But even with those planned for 7 June we will still be offering some of the lowest cost multi-operator tickets in the country. 

How do we stack up? Well...


...less than they would have done if our prices were similar to West Yorkshire.

In 2019/2020 SY Passengers paid...

In 2019/2020 SY Passengers paid...


...less than they would have done if our prices were similar to Greater Manchester

This difference isn't going to significantly change. South Yorkshire passengers will still pay on average between 8-15% less here than in similar regions.

It's the same when compared with other common day to day purchases too!

Our prices are still so low that if purchasing a weekly ticket in advance passengers will continue to pay less each day than they do for other products

So that's unlimited travel on all buses in Sheffield, for example, for just £2.44 a day. Which is less than...

A kids meal at:


A latte at:


A 6" Meal Deal at


A big Mac at:


That's full price too - it's even less for under 23 year olds and under 18s.

Not only that but most prices are still less than than they were in May 2012

We know price increases are never welcome but even with the ones coming on 7th June passengers will still pay...


less than they did for a 7-day ticket valid on all buses in Sheffield


less than they did for a 7-day ticket valid on all buses & trams in Sheffield


less than they did for a 7-day ticket valid on all buses in Rotherham

Though we know the timing isn't great...

We'd planned to change our prices back in January 2021 but unfortunately due to lacking clarity on whether or not we could; June 7th ended up as the earliest date.

With prices that are as low as they are, and with a need to make sure they are sustainable, making these changes any later in the year could have seen a larger increase applied. 

Finally a statement from our MD:

“Our region continues to have some of the lowest priced integrated transport tickets in the country, and in a number of cases these remain less than the cost in 2012. Unlimited weekly travel on buses in Sheffield, for example, is nearly £5 less than in London where prices are heavily subsidised and were raised again in March this year.


“We have worked hard over the past decade to keep prices low, and even lower for young people. However, costs have continued to increase as a result of insufficient investment in bus priority measures and a lack of action on road congestion, which is growing again as the region emerges from lockdown. This has made services slower and less sustainable at current prices. These fare increases that were due to be implemented earlier, pay for operating costs of services that have continued to increase during the pandemic.


“Last year, we made cheaper prices available to more young people by widening dedicated discounts to over 18s up to the age of 22. Our GetAbout ticket for 18s and under also provides some of the lowest priced travel in the country.”

Matt Smallwood

Managing Director