The CardioMaster

Are you the same as us and worried about those extra few lockdown pounds? Then get ready to work it off as you combine exercise with travel with our brand new smart card - the CardioMaster.

We are 'sprinting' ahead of our competitors, using pioneering science, the revolutionary CardioMaster smartcard has an incredibly complex set of sensors (both motion and location GPS) built into it that are used to validate the appropriate level of cardio to activate your tickets before you travel. So be ready to work up a sweat as you run/cycle/walk at least 1km before your ticket can be used.

First find the ticket that you need - we have ones that work across all operators and modes in South Yorkshire - and they're all available to buy online. Then just load it to you CardioMaster card - that's the simple bit! To activate your ticket you'll need to get your heartbeat up by runnin, cycling or walking at least 1km.

Don't worry though; if it 'jogs' you memory, all our prices are amongst the lowest the in UK so the running is the only thing that you'll need to break into a sweat for!

April Fewell, TravelMaster's Head of Imagination, said

"The CardioMaster is a literally unbelievable bit of kit. I didn't think it would be possible to fit so many sensors into a thin bit of plastic. It's great - having a judgemental piece of plastic in my wallet that wont work until I've worked up a sweat is something I know our customers will love!"

Matt Smallwood, TravelMaster's Managing Director, said,

"Wait, what?"

The 'Fit-Tastic' CardioMaster might be available some time after the 1st April 2021 - so when we get the production cost down from £104 per card you'd be foolish not to try it.

TravelMaster, 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield, S1 2BQ

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