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 The Flexible Ticket Designed for   Flexible Travel 

One ticket valid for 5 separate days of travel within a month...

...designed to provide flexible travel if you're no longer in the office Mon-Fri...

...and priced the same as 4 1-day tickets so you can save money too.

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The Flexi5 is a single ticket that's valid for 5 separate days of travel.

It works like 5 1-Day tickets all  bundled together in one product.


Each one is activated on your first journey and they can be used whenever you like within a month. 

So if you're no longer working 5 days a week 9-5 in your office then this is just the ticket for you.

The ticket works around your schedule - so if you're only in two days this week, use the three days you've got left next week. 

With the Flexi5 you get 5 days travel for the price of 4. 

So you save money compared to buying separate day tickets and you don't need to worry about getting your moneys worth out of a standard weekly ticket too. 

FLEXI (4).png

The Flexi5 Range

CityBus Flexi5
All buses
DConnect Flexi5
All buses
CityWide Flexi5
All buses & trams
RConnect Flexi5
All buses & trams
BConnect Flexi5
All buses 
SYConnect Flexi5
All Zone
All buses & trams

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