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Educational & Training Partnerships

The easy way for educational and training providers to offer funded learner travel and to retail travel to learners


A bit about us...

We're TravelMaster and we're owned by South Yorkshire's transport companies.

We have one simple job and that's to make it easier for people to get around through simple, smart and integrated ticketing.


With us learners can travel across buses, trams or trains no matter what company runs them.

TravelMaster has a long history of working with educational institutes of all sizes (from Universities to independent training charities).


As the region recovers from COVD-19 in 2021 we want to build on that history.


From providing funded travel to supported learners, to offering learners the ability to purchase travel on site, we've just the ticket.

Why partner with us...

Partnering with us means your learners can travel for study, work and leisure across all public transport in South Yorkshire.

We can provide tickets that you fund directly. So if you provide travel under a student bursary you'll no longer need to provide petty cash. 

Or we can provide you with the ability to sell tickets to your learners through any storefront you might have.

Partnering with us means a simpler way for your learners to access public transport. 

You could be a...




Training Provider 

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How it works...

The way it works is simple, digital and flexible to your organisation's needs.


Your learners simply redeem bespoke Promotional Codes that are unique to your organisation through


These codes remove or reduce the price they need to pay at point of purchase and sends whatever ticket they need for collection.

These tickets can then be collected straight away through any NFC enabled device (this doesn't have to be the learners own - it could even be one on site) or, after 48-hours, on board First & Stagecoach services (including the tram).

Fund learner travel...

If you currently provide learners with travel support, through a bursary or other fund, then this system has been designed to help you deliver that.

Within this approach you purchase/fund promotional codes that are issued to your learners.


The learner incurs no cost and is able to quickly and easily get their travel ticket. You can fund their ticket in full, partially or provide them with a credit to reduce the price they pay.

Sell to learners... 

Alternatively if you have a storefront, be that a shop, online store or similar, you can also use these codes to retail travel to your learners through it.

We can provide printed 'ticket books' filled with Codes that can be redeemed online by a learner to get their ticket.


You could charge them the standard RRP or choose to provide a discount to your learners.

Standalone partnerships...

You don't need to sign up to a long-term partnership with us. Instead we can work with you to help provide travel to learners for specific events or to help you meet a specific objective.

If you're running an open day we can work with you to fund travel for people visiting; or if you want to promote public transport alongside an event or course we can work with you to provide discount codes for your learners.

What it looks like...

You contact us to let us know your needs for your learners

We work with you to identify the most suitable approach for you and your learners

We decide the funding approach (pre-payment or retroactive)

We generate your bespoke codes as a digital table or printed booklet

If you are billed retroactively we invoice you every 28-days for codes redeemed.

Your learner downloads their ticket through our App or collects it on board

Your learner redeems their code through

You issue your bespoke codes to your learners for use

So let's get together to support learners...

This page has only scratched the surface of what's possible if we work together to help learners access education, training and opportunities.

So let's help the region upskill and grow and let's get them there on buses, trams & trains.


Our Team is waiting to hear from you and we're ready to help you add to your offer for learners today.


Phone: 0114 2211 462

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