Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) and any documents referred to in these Terms (together the “Contract”) will apply to all purchases of TravelMaster products, howsoever branded (“Products”) by any person or organisation (“You”, “Your”) from SCR Ticketing Company Limited (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) or any organisation or company selling the Products on Our behalf.

These Terms will apply regardless of whether You buy a Product at any TravelMaster Point of Sale, through our website or through a Third-Party Retailer’s system and regardless of the medium on which the Product is supplied (i.e. paper, smartcard or mobile ticket) to the exclusion of all other terms (such as terms implied by course of dealing).

Please read these Terms carefully before You purchase any Products from Us as they explain important information about the basis on which We sell Products to You. You should print and save a copy of these Terms for Your records. By purchasing any Products from Us, You are agreeing to be bound by these Terms. If You do not accept the Terms, you should not purchase Products from Us.

We have the right to refuse to sell or renew any Product to You for any reason.

We may change these Terms from time to time so please check that you are happy with the Terms each time you purchase a Product from Us.

Any changes to these Terms will not affect Your previous purchases. These terms apply to any product purchased after 01/03/2020.

Section 1 - Important Information About Our Products

1.1. The Products We sell are tokens for use on public transport services supplied by bus, tram and rail operators (“Operators”). We do not sell services and the Products do not represent an entitlement to travel on any specific services.

1.2. The media onto which Our Products are issued, unless stated otherwise or issued by a 3rd party, remains Our property and purchasing a Product does not provide You with ownership over that media.

1.3. The use of all Products is also subject to the conditions of carriage of the operator, howsoever branded, for each journey you make. Please read the Operator’s conditions of carriage before travelling on any of its services.

1.4. The use of or possession of a Product does not give You any priority over any other passengers.

1.5. You must not re-sell or attempt to re-sell any Product at any time.

1.6. Operator Validity:

1.6.1. Bus – Bus valid Products are valid on services Operated by Arriva Yorkshire, First South Yorkshire, Hulleys of Baslow, Sheffield Community Transport, TM Travel, Stageaoch Yorkshire, Stagecoach East Midlands, Watersons Coaches, Globe Holidays, Isle Coaches, Powells Bus Company and any other Operators from time to time with details published at sytravelmaster.com

1.6.2. Tram – Tram valid Products are valid on services operated by Stagecoach Supertram. This includes Tram-Train services.

1.6.3. Rail – Rail valid Products are valid on services operated by Cross Country Trains, East Midlands Railway, Transpennine Express and Northern Rail.

1.7. When You use a Product to travel on rail You will also be subject to the ‘National Rail Conditions of Travel’.

Section 2 - General Validity of Products

2.1. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You have purchased the right Product for the journey You intend to make prior to departure.

2.2. Products are valid for standard class travel on specified forms of travel and are subject to geographical zone boundaries. From time to time some specific services may be excluded (such as some dedicated school services) and these will be detailed via sytravelmaster.com.

2.2.1. You can only use Your Product only on the types of transport and in the zones specified in the table at Paragraph 3.1 and published at sytravelmaster.com

2.2.2. You should not attempt to use any Product outside of its allocated zone or on any type of transport that it is not valid on.

2.3. Products are valid for a consecutive duration from a start date that You select (usually 1-Day, 7-Day, 28-Day or Annual) and You can use it to travel during normal service times until the end of service on the date they expire.

2.3.1. You should not attempt to use any Product before or after it is valid.


Section 3 - Special Conditions for Specific Products

3.1 Types of Transport & Geographical Zones for Products


3.2 Conditions of Discounted Travel

3.2.1. Our GetAbout & GetAbout+ Products provide discounted travel to persons aged 5-18 years and these may only be issued on presentation of a valid entitlement card.

3.2.2. To purchase or use a GetAbout or GetAbout+ You must have a MegaTravel Pass or 16-18 Travel pass.

3.2.3. We provide persons aged-22 and under with access to a discount against some of the Products at 3.1 where they hold Our 18-22 Discount Card.

3.2.4. The 18-22 Discount Card may only be issued and used by people up to the day before their 23rd birthday.

3.2.5. To purchase a product that is subject to an age restriction You will need to provide valid proof of age. We accept Passport Numbers, Driving License Numbers and scanned copies of birth certificates.

3.2.6. From time to to time we may introduce discounted Products for bespoke schemes or organisations and these may be subject to supplementary Terms & Conditions that should be read in conjunction with these Terms.

3.3. Products issued at a discount, or to a card bearing the photo of the holder, are nontransferable and may only be used by the person it was issued to.

3.4. Products valid on rail can only be used by You to make journeys to or from stations at which passengers can board or alight.

3.5. You may only use a Product as part payment for a journey that goes beyond the zones specified in 3.1 up to the last stop, or station, in that zone that You could alight from the service at.

3.5.1. You cannot use a Product as part payment, or in combination with any other ticket, for a rail journey where the service You travel on does not stop at the station from which You have a further ticket for travel to or from. This is a specific exclusion under s.14.3 of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.

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