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Business & Commerce Partnerships

The easy way for business, retail and hospitality to incorporate flexible public transport into their offer for employees and customers alike. 


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A bit about us...

We're TravelMaster and we're owned by South Yorkshire's transport companies.

We have one simple job and that's to make it easier for people to get around through simple, smart and integrated ticketing.


With us your customers can travel across buses, trams or trains no matter what company runs them.

We want to partner with business, directly or through BIDs and through Chambers of Commerce, to make getting to places of work, business, and leisure by public transport simple and easy. 

We've introduced new systems to help encourage your customers to use public transport; to add value to your offer and planned improvements to help offer transport as a simple employee benefit. 

Why partner with us...

Partnering with us means you'll be able to offer your staff, or your customers, access to some of the UK's most flexible public transport tickets. 

From providing a salary sacrifice scheme for employers to working with business to provide customers, or city centre visitors, with a discount against their travel it's really easy to work with us to add transport to your offer.

You could be a...






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Simple. Digital. Flexible.

The way it works is simple, digital and flexible to your organisation's needs.


Your employees or customers simply redeem bespoke Promotional Codes unique to your organisation through

These codes remove or reduce the price they need to pay at point of purchase and sends whatever ticket they need for collection.

These tickets can then be collected straight away through any NFC enabled device (this doesn't have to be their own - it could even be one on site) or, after 48-hours, on board First & Stagecoach services (including the tram).


These could be sold to your customers, provided to staff through a salary sacrifice scheme or funded directly by you or a 3rd party.

For Employees...

Help your employees get to and from work by public transport. This reduces your need to support car parking; reduces their costs and supports a greener way to travel.


The average car costs £258.92 per month to run - that's well over £3,000 per year with almost a 1/3 being fuel costs.


By comparison unlimited annual travel on every bus and tram in Sheffield costs just £754.40 - as little as £62.87 a month.

Salary sacrifice...

In early 2021 we plan to introduce a salary sacrifice scheme for employers.


This means you'll be able to offer your salaried staff the benefit of unlimited travel on public transport for a deduction to their salary for as little as £58.65 a month.

How it works...

The process is planned to be really simple. Using a 3rd party season ticket loan provider you sign up, for a small annual fee (think nearer £50.00 instead of £1,000s), to give your employees access to an online portal.


Through this Portal your employees can request an annual ticket; ranging form just buses in Sheffield through to all buses, trams and trains in South Yorkshire. This request then passes through their line manger and your HR team who approve or deny it.

The employee pays for the ticket through monthly deductions to their salary and redeems a unique promotional code on to collect it.

Adding value to your offer...

We've plenty of options for all sorts of businesses - so if you run events and want to offer travel discounts for attendees; if you want to run a competition for your customers or simply want to sell travel tickets in your shop to increase footfall we've ways to help.

Evidence suggests shoppers who travel by public transport spend longer in shops and with our planned flexible tickets (one ticket offering 5-seperate days travel in a month) they can combine their monthly shopping trips into one simple to use ticket.

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Funded discounts...

Reward your customers, clients or guests by discounting our already low price travel tickets.


From a voucher handed out at the checkout for their next visit through to discounts for guests in a hotel; there's plenty of low cost ways for you to discount flexible travel.

The table below shows the estimated cost to provide either a 10%, 25% or 50% discount voucher at different quantities for a 7-Day CityWide (all buses and trams in Sheffield) ticket.

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The vouchers can be configured to just one type of product, one duration length and can be limited for use within a specific time-frame. So if you only want them to be used for a week over Easter that's possible.

Selling/issuing tickets...

With our system of promotional codes it's easy for you to add travel into your own retail or customer proposition for no added cost to your organisation.

So if you are a hotel, an events venue or simply sell products that it would make sense to add public transport to you can now easily do just that.

It could be an optional extra at checkout. It could be an added benefit in a package deal. You've plenty of options and you could either meet the cost of the ticket yourself; or pass it on to your customer as part of their purchase.


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The table below shows the total cost to provide 7-day tickets to your customers. Depending on circumstances you could pay up-front or retroactively when a voucher is redeemed.

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These vouchers are digital - they take the form of a unique code - so can be e-mailed to a customer as part of their order confirmation or printed onto a physical voucher.

To use them a customer simply visits and enters the code. They can then collect their ticket through a phone or on board most buses and all trams.

Let's get together to support the region's recovery...

This has only scratched the surface of what's possible if we work together.


So let's work together to get customers back into city centres, office workers back into offices and visitors back into the region; with easy to access public transport at the centre.


Our Team is waiting to hear from you and we're ready to help you add to your customer offer now. 

Telephone: 0114 2211 462

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