GetAbout is the combined bus and tram ticket for under 18 year olds with a valid MegaTravel, Mega MiCard or 16-18 Student Pass to travel anywhere in South Yorkshire at a fraction of the price of an adult ticket.

Once you’ve bought your GetAbout ticket you’re free to travel on any bus or tram of your choosing. All you need to do is show the driver or conductor your GetAbout ticket and your valid travel pass.

GetAbout tickets are available for 1 day or 7 days

Add any train

With a GetAbout+ you can also travel on any train in addition to any bus and any tram anywhere in South Yorkshire.

GetAbout+ tickets are only available for 1 day.

Valid travel pass

If you're aged 11 or over and want to buy and use a GetAbout or GetAbout+ ticket you will need to have a valid MegaTravel, Mega MiCard or 16-18 Student Pass. Then all you need to do is show this to the driver or conductor when you ask for or use a GetAbout or GetAbout+.

If you're under 11 we do not require that you have a MegaTravel card in order to buy a GetAbout or GetAbout+ but this pass can be applied  from Travel South Yorkshire if customers experience difficulty.


Not valid on

  • Late night bus services with prefix ‘N’ (e.g.N52)
  • Doncaster Racecourse service 101
  • Dedicated school bus services

Where can I use one?

Click on map to see full details


Zone boundary

GetAbout and GetAbout+ may be used on

  • all buses as far as the points listed on the map
  • all Supertram services

GetAbout+ is also valid for travel between any of the stations on the South Yorkshire Rail Network, provided the train stops at these stations.

The following stations are also included

  • Denby Dale
  • Moorthorpe
  • South Elmsall

(Provided the train stops at these stations)

What does it cost?

  • GetAbout
  • GetAbout
  • GetAbout+
  • GetAbout+


Where can I buy one?

  • GetAbout
  • GetAbout
  • GetAbout+
  • GetAbout+


Only using one operator?

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